Please help, IPad app keeps crashing

  • Hi, I am running the app on my iPad 2. I have 2.5GB of storage available and yet the app keeps crashing. Restarting the app doesn't seem to help as it always crashes at the same point. I have downloaded the free trial on my PC to tie me over as I'm desperate to use this for a university presentation and that works perfectly. I am able to upload my VS to the cloud but it's impossible to download it onto my iPad. It just crashes. Please can you help, I need this to run on my iPad as I'm going travelling and I wanted to finish it whilst on the move....
  • Hi Ruth

    Sorry you're experiencing this problem.  

    The app is crashing because it is using all of the 512 MB internal memory (as opposed to storage capacity).  Whilst we're working on this you can help it by closing other apps that you're not using.

    We are currently working on a fix for this and the next update, coming soon, will work fine.

  • Thank you so much for the quick reply! When you say the next update is coming soon... Will it be within the month? Thank you :-)
  • Yes.  At the moment we're expecting it in the next couple of weeks.  Apple also take a week to authorise updates.

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