Uploading Failure to Youtube (AGAIN!) July 21

  • This is the 3rd time today I cannot fully upload my scribe to Youtube.  Last time was a work around fix with last element having pause of 5 seconds.  I can't do that this time???   Suggestions - H E L P .... darn time difference with help desk ;)

  • Hi Lynn

    If you're having problems with the direct upload, first publish (render) to your machine.  That way if it fails you haven't got to go through the render process again.

    Currently VideoScribe renders to WMV in order to upload as it's a smaller file and a format acceptable to YouTube.  You could try FLV, which is their top format.

    If it still fails you could run it through a converter first which would tidy up any codec issues (not that we have any!) and also make the file smaller.  You can also then try another format (that VideoScribe doesn't currently produce) if you wish.

    I hope that helps

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