In the new version of Videoscribe how do I open scribes that were save to online?

  • I recently completed a scribe on my mac computer and it was saved online.

    I want to work on my windows computer so I made sure it was saved online. Before I made the upgrade to the newest version on my windows computer I was able to easily access my video I saved to online. I was unable to open it as I needed the latest version of Videoscribe. Once I updated my videoscribe I have been unable to find where my video is. How do I open a video saved online.

    Any help would be great.

  • Hi,
    In the newest version of videoscribe, when you view the directory of locally saved scribes, the first two "thumbnail images" are actually buttons. The first one is "create a new scribe" and the second one with the cloud on it is "view online files". If you have files saved online and you are logged into the correct account, the cloud button will take you to them.

    Note for sparkol: In my opinion, disguising 2 buttons as thumbnail images and hiding them among the thumbnail images, is one of the frustrating, unintuitive, clunky or confusing  UI choices that some users have been commenting about. The "create" button was superior to the "button disguised as a thumbnail with a plus sign on it"

    Still love version 1.3.26 though!

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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