Not completing the 'Create' process

  • I've used VideoScribe to create many videos and have enjoyed great success thus far.  However, the video I'm trying to create this morning repeatedly fails to finish the 'Create' process.  Having completed the vid itself, getting content right, etc... I then go to the 'Create' function, set parameters and while it APPEARS to be doing what it should be... at the very end when it shows as '0 min / sec' remain... it just sits there.  Not finishing.

  • After trying several (4 or 5) times, things went as originally expected. So, not quite sure what the issue might have been. But all seems fine now. (was able to render the movie completely, having changed nothing)

    Was attempting to render at 100% quality, 24fps, 1920x1080, standard .mov format (all parameters as I have set when rendering every other scribe I’ve created thus far)



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