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Import my own video

Hello scribers! first off please allow me to begin by complementing your awesome software! I have just became a pro member and have just created my first video scribe.

I have however been editing video for years now and am planning using video scribe in conjunction with what I am using already. I was wondering if there is a way to import my own video as a background so that I can literally scribe on top of it? Kind of like some of your tutorial videos are done with the drawn in funny glasses and fish floating, etc....

Can I import my own videos for that or will have have to create a scribe and green screen it into/on top of my other video? any help or guidance that you can give on this will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Matt,

You cannot do that within VideoScribe itself but you can create a video with VideoScribe and use post production software such as Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premier to achieve the effect that you are after.

I hope that helps


I just finished a project that required this, and did what Andy suggested. I used SPARKOL to make short clips, but assembled the clips in AVID MC. The scribe was done and green background so I could use a spectramatt (green screen) filter to produce the clear alpha layer for see-through to the video layer.  I arrived at that workflow having maxed out the memory / rendering limitation inherent in the systems. Even if they did make it possible to do in sparkol, I think it would tax the memory limitation too far.    

Hi Matthew,

Not too familiar with AVID MC but most Video editing software allows you to import PNG sequences.

As a VideoScribe Pro user you can create a PNG sequence which can be imported, you could try this method if you're having issues another way.

Thx Joe, 

I had thought of that, but I wasn't clear on how to get an alpha layer from SPARKOL, without doing the green background ---is there a transparent background option in sparkol?


Hi Matthew,

PNG sequence is an option for Pro users!

Thx Joe.   I've used the PNG sequence in multiple projects, and I did a png export from sparkol, but I didn't get the alpha channel required for layering over video (that's why the green screen approach was used - green screen is faster in video than a PNG sequence). 

To layer a scribe over video sparkol would require a "NO PAPER" option...meaning transparent background  

Hi Matthew, 

I think I understand what you are doing and advised PNG as you asked for a transparent background.

I'm assuming your rendered as a PNG or Jpeg sequence with a green paper (background) selected.

As per your question in a previous post - -'is there a transparent background option in Sparkol?'

Can you try and render with no background colour as a PNG Sequence (not Jpeg).


I just tested the transparent background in PNG sequence and opened it in Photoshop, and yes, there is a transparent background.  Its the default this is a good option, along with green screen.   Thx for prodding on this one...good to know because there are some places where the PNG option will be more suitable than green screen approach.


Hello, I think you have already answered my question but just to be on the safe side before I begin a huge project. After I create a video scribe, can I import this into Adobe Premier Pro CC and combine it into 1 video together?

I do that using AVID so I don;t see why it won;t work with premier. Best option is to test a clip two an run through the workflow before you do the whole project. 

Hi there,

I had the same question before. so i can make a green screen and change the background in a movie clip ?

when i make a movie in final cut pro  i want to write some tekst in the movie.

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