Loading of Images only Draws in Strokes

  • In the trial version of VideoScribe, loaded images were drawn normally.  With the full version, I'm loading the same images used in the trial version and every image is drawn with a stroke.  I tried both selections with removing the checkmark on the selection "only draw strokes" and I've tried selecting it.  Either way, I get exactly the same results.  The image should be drawn normally, how do I get this to function properly?
  • Hi,
    maybe a screenshot would help clarify what you mean. or two videos of the same image drawn two ways.

    The trial membership and the pro membership use exactly the same software (with some features disable for the trial membership) so they should work exactly the same way unless you used and older version of the program during the trial and then upgraded to the newer version when you became a paying member.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Brittany,

    If you could save an example scribe online showing the differences that would be great.



  • I saved an example online showing the drawing only as strokes.  Every image I import is drawing this way.   No matter how many settings I change, it doesn't fuction properly.  Can you help?  Thanks!

  • I have attached a screenshot of the six drawing options to help identify this issue. I have six options to choose from when uploading an image and the last two are the closest to my image.  However, they only draw as strokes.   

  • Hi Brittany,

    If you change the draw time to zero seconds the image will just appear on the canvas.

    Is this the effect that you want?


  • No, not really.  Every image would be just appear losing the efffect of this tool.  I thought about that, and for this to be effective for this organization, I would like it to trace the image that I load in.  I was looking at VideoScribe V1 tutorial 2 on your help space (around minute 2:20) and that worked before for my images (as in the Trial version).  However, now you have to choose one of 6 options before getting your loaded image on the canvas.  Can I disable this feature?  The options that are provided are not acceptable (as shown in the document previously uploaded).  I want it to draw similar to the images that are loaded in this tutorial (as it was in the trial version).  Thanks!



  • Hi Brittany,

    If you want VideoScribe to draw like it did in version 1 then you will need to run version 1 as we have changed the way images are imported and now have the 6 options.

    You can download version 1.3.26 here but you will not be able to open any scribes in 1.3.26 that were created in version 2.

    I hope this helps.


  • The older version provided an accurate method to drawing imported graphics.  Thank you for this recommendation.  You should considering re-instating this option with the current version of VideoScribe as it was the main feature which caused us to acquire this tool.

  • Hi Brittany,

    You could add a post in our feature requests section if you would like to see the old style of importing pictures. Our development team regularly review the requests and consider features for future releases.


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