Is there a faster way to clean up memory

  • It was suggested to clean up memory for VS you can back up some of your scribes to a folder and delete them. Here are the steps.

    To get a scribe into the folder; inside VideoScribe

    -click on the thumbnail of the scribe

    -choose the 'floppy disc & stick' icon to export to file

    -find the client's folder and save there

    The above is fine, but if you have lots of scribes, it can take forever. Is there a faster way?

    I know I can locate my Video Scribe folder in windows using


    Can I remove older scribes using windows?

    If that is possible without messing up my other scribes, I would think it would be much faster. I could select as many as I wanted using windows "Shift" to select more than one and then move them to another folder.

    So the question is, what files do I select to move? Also I want to be sure to only select the oldest files?

    My V.S. is crawling and I need to make more memory room. I'm using 1.3.26


  • Hi Dan,

    We would not recommend that you try and edit or move the files in your appdata folder.

    Exporting to a file is not as simple as moving a file as each scribe can have multiple files associated with it and there are other files that have related information in them and if you try and move files manually this may cause VideoScribe a problem and may cause instablility. That is why the files are in a hidden directory.

    So, the best and safest way is to follow the instructions that you listed. It may take a while but it will be worth it in the end.



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