my voice over keeps on repeating itself

  • I made a narration with an MP3 file, and imported it into the video. It sounds great, but at the end, instead of stopping, it loops. for the music track there's an option to cancel the loop, but I don't see that with the narration. 

  • for the voiceover, the only option is to add extra seconds of silence to the end so the audio is as long as the video.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Debbie,

    Sorry that you have had a problem with this.

    This is a know issue with the current version of VideoScribe. That's the bad news but there is good news too as we have a workaround.

    If you edit your mp3, we use Audacity here which is free, and add some silence at the end so that the mp3 is about 5 seconds longer than your scribe you won't hear the loop.

    We are looking into fixing this in a future release.


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