Bug on the MAC - When shifting images on screen

  • Hello,

    Firstly I love the new look. It is great aesthetically and function wise too. Thanks.


    I notice this issue on a MAC.


    a. Let us assume you have multiple images on the screen.

    b. Now go to the image scroll bar (bottom),  highlight an image, right click and move it (back or forward).


    Notice that the scribe loses its equilibrium i.e. the image scroll bar starts moving around.


    Please see if you can simulate this and if you can, it will be great to have a fix.



  • Hi

    Sorry that you have had this issue.

    We are currently testing the next version of VideoScribe which addresses several issues with the timeline and this version will be available soon and by soon we are talking days or weeks away not months.



  • I am on the 7 day free trial just now and I'm enjoying the software (and my boss is impressed with what it can do too).

    I think my problem is the same as is described above.  Sometimes when you add an image it appears dead centre and you can stretch it or rotate it but you can't move it.  Instead any movement of the mouse and the entire screen scrolls around.

    The only solution is to save and close and re-open.  It makes creating a show very frustrating and very laborious.  I'm going to have to recommend that we don't buy this soft ware at the end of the trial if it doesn't work on mac.

    I really hope you can offer a solution

    I'm using version 2.0.3 on Mavericks 10.9.5

  • Hi Andy, thanks for the update.

    I believe you issue may be related to one of the Known bugs.

    There is an issue when trying to select items after pressing the Ctrl button on Macs.

    As a work around, you can try the following.

    Setting up your Apple mouse or trackpad to avoid the Ctrl-click issue

    You can set your Apple mouse or trackpad up so that it right clicks thus avoiding issuesrelated to using the ctrl button.

    To set up your mouse:

    1. Go to “System Preferences”

    2. Click “Mouse” or “Trackpad”

    3. Click “Secondary click” so the checkbox has a tick in it


    Your mouse or trackpad is now set up to right click.

  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    I can work around by making sure the the screen is centred on the location where I want the object to end up before I add it. 

    Does it work OK on PC's?  I can always use a PC for this job at a push.


  • The bug that affects using the ctrl key only affects Macintosh computers.

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