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  • Hi, I have tried importing images in png (with transparency}, jpg, formats. they are imported, but they are not doing the outline when I play, after conversion. They just rub the pen and the image appears, as if a photo image, not as an drawing which plays in the library.

    Can you help me how to do it.I am attaching the images which I have used it to make a white board drawing kind of image as if they are in the Library.

    thank you



    (162 KB)
  • Hi Senthil, you will need to convert the images to SVG files if you would like them drawn how they are in our image library (all library images are SVG files).

    This tutorial should get you started -

    This instant answer will help you with some more advanced instructions -

    If you would like to commission an artist to do it for you, you can post your projects to the illustrators on the Sparkol Marketplace -

    Thanks, Joe

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