Cannot view videos on other computer

  • Hi


    I have VideoScribe on my desktop computer and because I need to show videos in presentations, I downloaded VideoScribe to my Laptop.


    Although, all but 2 of my videos are able to be viewed from my Laptop.  The other videos, are there but not fully downloading.  When I hover my cursor over them, the title shows but if I click and go into the video, there is no content.  I have no issue viewing these same videos from my Desktop Computer.


    I have downloaded the latest version 2.0.1 and also restarted my Laptop after the download.


    Please see attachment for a visual of the challenge.


    Kind Regards,



  • Hi Peter,

    I have had a look at the document.

    What you can see in the first screen shot are your locally saved projects/scribes these are on the computer you saved them on so you will not see them on a separate computer.

    What you can do is save each one on to your online directory (Cloud) so they can be accessed from a different computer.

    The loading icon you see when on your online (cloud) directory is simply trying to load the thumbnail. You will be able to access the scribe as you have discovered.

    Once accessed and saved again, you should then see the thumbnail for the scribe on that computer.

    If any are showing blank, it may be that the upload was not completed when saving to the online directory.

    If you have them stored locally on your desktop, I would advise to upload them to the cloud again and confirm you can open the scribes via the online directory before you close VideoScribe down.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Thanks for your prompt response Joe.


    Did what you said and all is good in the hood.


    Thanks again,



  • Thanks for your help too Mike.

  • Hi Peter, thanks for letting us know it is working now!

    Take care, Joe

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