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  • Please How do I make a text Zoom out.... Like Morphing an image, Cause I noticed its not possible to morph a text

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  • Hi Steve, you cannot make a single text element zoom out.

    What you can do is create some text and then make an exact copy of it and ensure they are both layered over each other.

    Set the original text the the timing you want and the camera position you want.

    On the second text element, reduce the animate time to 0.0 and set the camera position after setting a different zoom level.

    You can also adjust the transition time of the first piece of text to slow the zoom down.

    You can also make an image transparent and do the same thing too.

    Please see the attached example which you can import into VideoScribe.

    Thanks, Joe

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  • Thanks Joe, Exactly what I was looking at doing....


  • Yay!

    Glad to help!

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