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Length of video becomes shorter when shared


My video is supposed to be 3 min long and after I've shared it on YouTube or save it on my computer, it became only 2 min. It's happened again and again. Please let me know what might be wrong.

Thank you!

Several people have mentioned this problem with version 2 of videoscribe.

I'm not sure if there is a workaround, but I would recommend:
1) rebooting and trying to render it again
2) saving the scribe with a new name and then trying to render the new copy
3) trying to save a different format like MOV
4) check the "known bugs" page in the Instant Answers section
5) save your scribe online and tell support the name of it so they can check it out
6) you could export your scribe work file and attach it here if you want other users to take a look at it.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Grace, sorry you have this problem.

I would follow Mike's advice first of all.

A few things that would also help to narrow down or resolve your issue would be helpful too.

Confirm what format or publishing option you used e.g. WMV, .Mov or FLV and can you try other formats?

Are you able to save a copy of the Scribe to your online directory (Cloud icon) directory and let us know the name?

Is this the only scribe that is effected e.g. if you create a test scribe does the same thing happen?

What resolution settings are you using when rendering?

If you can retry the scribe render and you still get this issue we can create a ticket for further investigation.

Please let us know if you still have this issue and if you can provide the requested information, we can investigate further.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe and Mike,

Many thanks for your suggestions. The version of my VideoScribe is 2.0.1. I have changed the format to Mov and rendered it with normal HD, and it solved the problem.

One quick question though, the Scribe very often stopped responding or moving while I was recording the voice-over by another program and running the Scribe to get the timing. Is this a common program for others too? My Scribe is online - What is a WSF project - video 1



Hi Grace, 

great to hear you have it working now.

With regards to VideoScribe not responding, it could be down to memory being used at the time.

Generally we would advise the best practice when having a voice over would be to record it first and fit your scribe around it.

This helps you get a more fluid scribe.

I would suggest shutting down other applications whilst recording or even use the built in record which now allows you to preview the scribe whilst recording.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply. I have two laptops, so I used one for recording my voice-over and the other one for running the Scribe while I talked so I could get the timing right. The laptop that was running the Scribe had no other applications open when I did it. The built in record could not find my external microphone - not sure how to solve it so I didn't use it.

Anyhow, the major problem has been resolved now and I appreciate your timely support.



HI There. I am also experiencing a similar problem. However not only is it shortened but it will only publish an older version on the Scribe that is unfinished. The Scribe plays well in and seems to save as a finished item but when I publish to any format it reverts to a very strange version - much shorter and from way back in the creation process. Any ideas? I would like to publish to my youtube channel but any format I could save a correct version in would be great.

Thanks Bianca


Hi Bianca, sorry this is happening.

Sounds like you're using version 1.3.

If you are, please open the scribe, give it s slightly different name and use the 'Save as a new copy and close' option.

This will create a new copy of the scribe file and when you go to publish it, you will not get an older version.

Thanks, Joe

Thanks Joe. Seems to be working so far. How do I upgrade to the next version?

Hi Bianca,

You can download the latest version of VideoScribe here Please note that we have a new patch being tested (version 2.0.2) which we hope to make available in the next few weeks.

(Bianca, be aware that the new version comes with it's own new bugs/problems which have not been resolved yet.  It has some good new features, but some features have been changed or removed as well.

If you upgrade, any scribes made or saved in the new version will not open in the older version if you decide to revert back to version 1.3.26)

If you have more than one computer it may be worth testing v2 on one machine and keeping version 1 handy in case you run into problems with V2.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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