Properly Using A Hand With The Right Pen To Do A Fill

  • OK in my 7 day free trial. So I'm a newbie. Apologies if this question is obvious. I have reviewed the following article:

    This explains how to have the hand properly draw inside the fill in area.

    a) I wish to keep the original tracing of the image, and simply add the tracing for the fill part. So in Inkscape, I chose the Path, Trace Bitmap option. But the tracing path is truly gone because I did the steps in the link above. Is there another layered item I can do to keep the path that the Path, Trace Bitmap option offers (without me having to trace the image myself... much easier just to add the trace path for the fill in). I will assume there is no automated way to make all this happen.
    b) I wish to switch, DURING THE DRAWING, from a hand with a pen, to a hand with a bigger marker to do the fill part, which should happen when this SECOND LAYER of drawing occurs.

    Are these things possible? Help appreciated. It looks pretty bad to have the hand draw an image, but then the image magically appears filled in.

  • Hi Derek,

    Thanks for your questions.

    The example and method in the link you have provided is based on one of our created SVG from the library and using the fill method will keep the original outline path and add the fill.

    You may get a different result with an SVG you have as it may not have been created in the same way as our SVG's are.

    Our SVG's are created with the Pencil tool using Basic lines and if your SVGs are created the same way, the original path will not be affected by the fill.

    I have attached an example of this to this reply.

    We have a quick and basic tutorial which demonstrates how we create SVG's for VideoScribe to help get you started. -

    You can set a single hand to draw an image if you wanted to use multiple hands then you will have to use separate SVG files to assign a different hand e.g. split or break up a single SVG file by editing it and import each part of the SVG back into VideoScribe so you can assign a different hand to each section.

    Thanks, Joe

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