Can't Upload to youtube Chanel

  •  After multiple attempts of uploading to youtube (it has taken all night) with two failed attempts that froze,

    Now today it went through and said it was successfully uploaded (mind you my assignment is already a day late now) but when i went to my youutbe channel it was not there!. (I;m using the free trial and starting to worry it will expire befor i ever get my assignment uploaded!)

    Please any help as to troubleshooting this!

  • Hi,

    You may want to save your scribe online and tell support the name of it so they can have a look.

    or attach the scribe file here so other members can look at it.

    Make sure your youtube channel is verified and activated or whatever else you can do with a youtube channel:

    Also you could try rebooting  and rendering the video again

    or you could try saving the scribe with a new name and then rendering the new copy

    If you think the video is not rendering due to a problem in the scribe, Here is a  list of causes and solutions for freezing problems:

    (pay close attention to numbers 4,5, and 6)

    and here is the official instant answers thread about the topic:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thank you so much @ mike metcalf. The process of renaming an saving it before trying to upload again did the trick!
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