Transition between slides

  • Simple question.

    I have an image of a logo I imported, it comes in from the right with a hand.

    I then want it to disappear and text to appear in its place and so on...

    How do I do this?



  • Hi Mike,

    There are a few options to get this effect.

    Below are two of the more simpler options you can try.

    First option would be to use the 'Scribble out' image which is found in the Shapes folder.

    You can layer the Scribble out image over the image and then add text on top.

    The next option would be to Scroll to a different part of the canvas to add the text which will mean the canvas moves away from the original image.

    Have you seen the tutorial videos? We cover both subjects as part of the core series which can be found on this link -

    We also have tutorial worksheets which you can download in PDF format here -

    Please also feel free to ask more questions on the community too!

    Thanks, Joe

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