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Sound at the end

When I add a sound clip at the end ofits level falls. How to make so that it does not decrease?

Hi Anatoli,

VideoScribe will automatically fade the audio at the end of the Video, it is a core function of VideoScribe.

If this is not the problem you're facing and it seems like your audio is being cut off, please provide some more details of the issue and we can investigate for you.

Thanks, Joe

I need one level will sound throughout the video (without automatically fade).

Hi Anatoli, as advised, VideoScribe will fade the audio at the end.

There are a couple work arounds you can try to achieve what you want.

Make the scribe longer than you need and once you have published the Video, edit it and remove the extra bits you do not need.

Secondly create the scribe with no audio and edit the Video after you have published it in third party editing software.

At this point you can add the sound.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Anatoli,
As Joe suggested, try adding more seconds of "pause" to the last image:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


It is absurd :(

Hi there, 

I just found this thread as it seems to answer my question about why my 9 minute voiceover got appended and cut off at the end of the rendering. during my voiceover conclusion....very frustrating after a long render and upload process (I see all the tips to make this need to point me there)

If I could suggest, it seems counter-intuitive for the program to assume that a scribe would end at the completion of animation and automatically cut the soundtrack.  I can see the utility of an auto-fade out feature with a music track, but surely it must be simple to have the program notice a difference between audio track time and video time and signal a warning if they are not the same, particularly prior to cutting the audio file indiscriminately.  

I see the tip to extend the pause time in the final animation....that's great, and I will use it, but I think it would have been appreciated if I had been warned of the impending truncation of my voice-over.  

Food for though, and first impressions....your program is not as intuitive as you think, so please do not program it on the assumption that everyone thinks the same.  

I understand what you are saying and I can feed that back to the developers. 

There are couple of things we have built into the system to help with this as well that you may not have noticed. The timeline now shows how long your scribe is so if if you click on an element it show's you it's 'end' point. The last element of the scribe has an end point and you can see how long your total scribe is. Gives you the opportunity to add the right amount of time and make it match your voiceover.

The preview option also gives you the chance to watch your video through in full so you can see how this will render before you run the video. This will also play the audio as it would appear in the video so give you a chance to make sure everything is in order before rendering

I didn't have this problem with the audio fading at the end until recently, it is a huge deal to me, i would appreciate you giving the user the option to fade the audio at the end instead of automatically making the decision for the user. Huge waste of time for me!

Hi Susan,

If you have tried the workarounds in this post and it is not working for you, please explain how it's not working and we can advise.

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