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Can't open saved exercise

Hello, I have the trial software.

I saved my exercise in my computer to work with it again later on and I can not open it.

What do I have to do?

Best regards

Rodolfo Ramirez

Hi Rodolfo, sorry you have a this problem.

I'm not entirely sure on how to advise so I will need some more information to get a clearer understanding of your problem.

It sounds like you have saved a project to your computer does this show as a .scribe file?

If it does, then you can import the Scribe back into VideoScribe and load the project.

If this is not what you done, please advise on the steps you took to save the file and how exactly are you now trying to open it?

Are you able to access the VideoScribe application from your computer?

If you're having issues doing this, please advise and also confirm if you get any error messages?

If you have not seen them already, you may want to take a look at our tutorials to get a better understanding of how VideoScribe works -

We also have PDF worksheets which you may find easier to use -

Thanks, Joe

Thanks Joe for your answer.

I do have a scribe file saved in my computer but I can not find a way to import it in the Videoscribe application.

How do I import it?

Thank you.

Best regards

Hi Rodolfo,

After logging into VideoScribe you can use the import option which is in the bottom right hand corner of the projects/home screen:

Thanks, Joe

Hello, I have the trial software too, but it is un mi ipad. Yesterday I made a video but I cannot open it. When I tap on the video, it loads and then the app shuts down. What shoud I do? I already have the latest version of mi ipad software, I don't know what is the problem. Please I need a solution, it is an urgency... Thank you

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