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Videoscribe keeps crashing

Hi! I am using the 7 days trial and the program keeps crashing and crashing... I am really desperate, already deinstalled and reinstalled it... And I need the scribe for a wedding... Does it go better if I geht the pro Version? What can be the Problem? Thanks!!! Sabine
Some of the common causes for freezing and crashing are:
1) image file sizes too large
2) improperly formatted images
3) excessive camera zooming

unofficial (community) guide to avoiding crashes:
official (instant answer) guide to crashes:

you can attach your scribe here or save it online and tell support the name of it if you want specific feedback.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

many thanks, Mike!!!

I don´t think that my images are that big, neither do I use to many zooms.

I would appreciate if you could have a look. Unfortunately I cannot upload the file here (the size is 53 MB - could that be the problem?) and the program crashes if I try to upload it in the cloud... 

Could I share it with you per dropbox maybe?

Mil thanks again!!

Kind regards, Sabine



yes you can provide a dropbox link.

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Great! I just had a briefer look at my images... I guess its the problem... Does that mean i have to do everything again? Mil thanks, Sabine

this is the link...

Your scribe opened for me, and the camera zoom levels looked okay, and the overall arrangement of the images looked okay. I agree that the individual image file sizes are most likely causing the problem, but the scribe crashed

Any images that are larger than about... 300-500 KB should probably be optimized and then updated in your scribe ( you can swap out each  image individually instead of  starting from scratch).

Even if you just fix about 10 of the largest image files, it may be enough to eliminate the symptom.

For future scribes, it's best to optimize all of your images before starting. A good process is to put all of your scribe images into one folder on your computer and look at all of the image sizes and file sizes and see what can be improved. For example, if your final video is going to be 1920x1080, your photos can probably be all that size or smaller and "saved for web" using gimp or photoshop.)

You may be able to find more tips in the Instant answers section of this website.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Sabine, 

it does look like a possible memory issue due to image sizes.

There is quite a handy and easy to use image resizer tool which you can download and install (there are others of course).

I would suggest resizing the images you're using in the scribe and replace them via the image properties option:

Thanks, Joe

Many thanks, guys!!!

You are the best!

Sorry, guys, but it´s me again...

I tried yesterday to replace the images using images of smaller size, but as the program kept crashing I did a new presentation from scratch, using only images lower than 100 KB and respecting the zoom limits. Yesterday it worked quite better but today it keeps crashing the whole time.

For example, I add 3 new photos, push the save button and it crashs. 

When I re-open the program it aks me if I want to have the unsaved changes, but although I agree it never has the last version I worked on.

I am really desperate, because I respect the guidelines, I don´t understand what I do wrong.

Also, my laptop is kind of fast, and new, so it cannot be an hardware problem...

Don´t know if that´s important, but I save the document in my base folder.

Do you have any other idea, what I might do wrong?

One million thanks!!


Does it make a difference if I buy the software? 

Could you maybe have another look at my file? I really appreciate your help!!

I just put so many hours of work already in this and don´t want to give up completely without having this wedding video... 

Thousand of thanks!!

Kind regards,


Hi Sabine,

I have had a look at the scribe file and the most recent one uses a lot less memory.

As a test I have changed the font on this scribe and I played it via the preview which seems okay.

I have saved a copy of it to your online directory (Cloud). Can you try and open this one and do you get the same issue?

Thanks, Joe

try rebooting your computer and please make sure you are not accidentally opening the older larger scribe instead of the new one.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Joe,

Many thanks for your help, unfortunately I don´t find the file in the cloud... Sorry that I am such an idiot, have you uploaded it for:

Sorry for the trouble, but when the problems began, I used different accounts to re-install the software...

Or could you maybe share it via dropbox?

Hi Mike, 

yes; I have reboostet the computer several times.

Another question, is it possible to make diffente parts of the video and if they are ready, add them together. Maybe that can help because apparently, always if I get to a file which is bigger, everything is crashing...

Mil thanks!!!

kind regards,


Hin Sabine, it would be ideal if you raise a question from the account your are currently using. can you try this link please -

Thanks, Joe

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