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Word spacing

 The word spacing is very tight and makes it a bit difficult to read.  It doesn't seem that changing the font makes a difference.  Any thoughts other than going in and hitting the space bar a bunch of times between words?

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Same Issue here. Any answeres by the team to fix it? thx in advance, Ed

no fix yet that I'm aware of.  sux

Hi Joe, 

You may find the gaps between text vary from font to font.

VideoScribe imports a font by taking an image of each character

There is no way to adjust the spacing per font but you can 

edit the gap between letters per text element by increasing it in the text properties.

I have attached a short Video to demonstrate this option.

Hm... I can't see a difference here. Of course I edited the gap between letters but my client still finds that they are too narrow. And I'm afraid she's right.

Hi Ed, using the gap feature is the only way to chant the spacing. It should work for you. I have tested on a number of fonts the gap tool works.

This changes the spacing between letters.  I'm talking about changing the spacing between WORDS. It is terrible!

I don't believe this addresses Joe Lodato's original concern. The gap feature adds space between the letters (time -consuming and cumbersome since you can't set it as a default and must change every element).The problem Joe asked about is the spacing between words, not letters within the words. I have to hit the space bar at least two, sometimes three times between words. Sounds minor but it is a pain to remember to do this after typing normally for the last 50 years.

Thank you! Ive paid for six months of this program. Hope they fix this pretty big problem IMO.
This is driving me crazy. Why cant there be something in the program that adds a tad more space between words -  not letters ?
Every scribe with long statements sends me OTT - I can  spend my time much better than having to add extra spaces between words. One scribe I am facing has 11175 words  - can you  imagine that extra time involved.
This along with a few other very basic lacking features is making me ask the question " if you cant fix this then look for alternative software than can "


Just curious: Have you have tried using fonts imported from your computer or if you are using the default font?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The default font is slightly better than imported fonts, but they all have this problem.  My 2¢ is that the majority of VS users don't do a lot of scribes with a ton of words, or this BUG would have been remedied already.

Personally I make lots of scribes with a ton of text. I have abandoned all hope this issue will ever be taken seriously by Sparkol, so no effort is being taken to resolve it. Indeed, I have yet to see the word spacing issue even addressed. We now use other software for our projects and will probably not be renewing our annual subscription to VS. 

Word to the wise: Just ignore your customers' complaints and they'll go away. Not the problems, the customers.

What new software are you using ?  :)

There are several new ones available. but I won't promote another brand on Sparkol's site. Sorry.

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