Cannot select multiple items

  •  I lost the ability to select multiple scribes.  It used to be where I would click once on the scribe and it would not open up and I could select multiple scribe by holding CTRL.  Now They just open up with one click.

  • Hi Joe,

    Do you mean multiple elements rather than multiple scribes? You should be able to select multiple elements by holding down ctrl (cmd on a Mac) and clicking on the element either on the canvas or in the timeline.


  • Now it is working.  For some reason I lost the ability to do that.  CTRL was not working.  Thanks though.

  • Nope, it's doing it again.  After about 10 or so slides are on the project, the CTRL no longer wants to function.  Cannot select multiple slides.

  • Hi Joe,

    Sorry that you are having this issue.

    Other users have reported having similar glitches on occasion after VideoScribe has been running for a while. We are looking into what is causing this. In the meantime, if you save your scribe, then close down and reopen VideoScribe you should regain this function.

  • I have the same issue. Have the latest version installed 2.1.1. Real pain in the you know what to restart the app all the time.

  • Hi Mark,

    You may find the issue is resolved if you restart your computer.

    Are you using Mac or Windows?

    If you are using Mac, you should avoid using the Ctrl key. The Ctrl key is used for the right click function. You can set your mouse or trackpad up to right click in System preferences -> Mouse/Trackpad.

    Some Mac users have reported a loss of functionality after using the Ctrl+click command in VideoScribe, e.g. when trying to select multiple items in the timeline. Unfortunately there is no workaround at present but we are working on a solution. In the meantime, please avoid using this command or alternatively enable the right click function your mouse/Trackpad

  • Enabling right click on the Mouse doesn't work either on Mac. That only allows you to select everything. So, if you are several "layers" into your movie, you can only select all of them, and you can't deselect the ones you don't want either. This is a big problem.

  • You do not need to use the Ctrl key - it is only used for right clicking so setting up the mouse/trackpad to right click removes the need to press the Ctrl key completely.

    For selecting multiple images, including deselecting you use the Cmd key.

  • Hi, I'm also having this problem. Selecting multiple objects used to work, and now it doesn't. I have tried restarting VS a few times and also restarted my Mac, but to no avail! Please help, as it's such a useful function.

  • I think Mac OS recently had an update. Maybe the update changed some settings back to default. Did you try repeating the instructions to enable right click on your mac mouse/trackpad ?


  • hi all

    I am using windows and I have the same problem: I cannot select more than one item on the canvas anymore holding ctrl. have you found out what can be done to solve this? I am on a real hurry and its a big problem for me!


  • I have the same problem. Using PC-Windows, but can't use CTRL+clicking to select multiple items. It does not help to close Videoscribe and start again. Really need this function!!

  • Hi everyone,

    Currently you may experience an issue using the keyboard options on VideoScribe such as the arrow buttons and the multi-select options.

    This will effect all versions of VideoScribe.

    We have identified the issue and have fixed the issue.

    If you now restart VideoScribe you will have this facility restored.

    If you find you still have a problem with these options after restarting, please can you raise a support ticket and we can investigate your issue.

    Thank you for your patience.