Make SVG Files In Inkscape With Filled Regions And Multiple Colors

  • OK what I am wanting to do is this. I have my own jpg file. I bring it into Inkscape. Now I have seen that I can choose to do tracing in

    Inkscape. I will name the steps here specifically... hoping to then learn how to add steps at the end that I cannot figure out.

    1) I highlight the image brought into inkscape, and choose Edit... Make A Bitmap copy

    2) Then I move the new copy off the center... delete the original image... and move the new bitmap copy back

    3) I highlight the image by clicking on it

    4) Then I choose Path... Trace Bitmap

    5) Now if there is no filled areas, it is easy to just choose Update... hit OK... then save the file as an svg

    6) I then have a perfectly traceable svg created from the jpg (however, I still would like to learn how to make it seem like the actual drawing

    is making the lines as thick as they are when the image is completed... it always magically appears more traced and darker at the end... but I

    suspect solving some of the next steps could help me build these)

    7) Another thing I can do is if I have a colored image, I can choose the Colors option in the Multiple Scans area... keep the Scans at the

    default of 8... hit update... and OK... and then I have more interesting drawing happening in the svg in Videoscribe

    8) Now here is where I have no idea what to do...

    9) I want to make it look "somewhat" real that a different hand is drawing the filled in part...

    10) So I first make an outline of the image for the first svg... I forget currently what options do that... but in Inkscape I can get an outline... then choose the trace steps from above and I have an outline drawn

    11) So what do I make next?

    12) I make another copy of the image ... and I understand I can draw my own path... and that I should use the freehand drawing tool in Inkscape

    13) And I make this new image transparent? If I do, then this image (which is set as the second image to draw on top of the first), has a drawing hand that does not actual look like it is filling anything because it is invisible.

    14) So while I understand I can make multiple copies of the image, and show and hide them transparently, how do I really make this occur? There is currently no article or video on how to do this. Can you make one for the whole community? I am sure others wish to know how to do this.

    15) I wish to have an image, that has one or more filled in colors, into multiple copies of the image that, so I can simulate the different parts being filled with different hands in VideoScribe.
  • Hi Derek,

    It would be good to see the images that you have created to better understand what you are asking.

    Could you attach your images so that I can see what you have done so far?



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