No subscriptions- No invoice

  • Hello I ve just tried a free trial and I m trying to buy but the system says error.


    BuyNow_US-WEB02 - Mon Aug 18 11:58:42 PST 2014

    The Tutorial says:


    If you need to view your BlueSnap invoice:

    Login to your VideoScribe account
    On the summary page, click or tap ‘Subscriptions and invoices’Select the link to your 'BlueSnap control panel'. The link will take you to your BlueSnap accountIn the recent charges section, click on 'Invoice#'. Your invoice should now be displayed


    But certainly, there is no invoice registered.

    Ive send am email to BlueSnap and I hope they solve this matter soon, because I receive an email from  that offers 14 months for 12 

  • Hi Carola,

    I can see that this issue was resolved you, I hope you enjoy using VideoScribe!

    Please let us know if you need any support or information.

    Best Wishes,


    VideoScribe Support Team

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