Can not render when I include a voiceover

  • I have a Scride that will render fine with no voice over but as soon as I include the mp3 file the render menu just stays on gathering data.

    I will appreciate help as soon as possible as I need to send this out.

    It is stored on the cloud.

  • Hi,
    1) can you provide the bitrate, the file size or any other information about the voiceover?

    2) If you have more than one scribe on the cloud, be sure to provide the name of the scribe with the problem.

    3) you could try saving the scribe with a new file name, rebooting and then rendering the new version.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Norman,

    To help you resolve this issue we may need to talk to you about your account details. As such, I have converted this post to a ticket.

  • Hi Daniel 

    No problem,

    I have a 12 month subscription.

    I am very new to VS and I am sure the errors are mine. I have found a way around the problem. rather than load the mp3 file via the  media file icon I used the microphone icon and loaded it that way. That works.

    I am now working on reducing the file size. 

    If you don't already how about running a webinar with subscribers being able to ask questions A sort of interactive training event.

    Just a thought



  • Hi Norman,

    Thanks for replying.

    I hope you have been updated on the ticket created for you.

    We do live webinar training sessions fortnightly and you can sign up to them.

    Here is the link to register -

    Thanks, Joe

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