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MP 3 import

I'm having trouble importing a music file. The file is saved as mp 3 on my laptop but everytime I try to import I get the message 'There was a problem accessing the MP 3 file at the URL you specified'.

Am I doing something wrong? See also file.


Hi James,

thanks for your question.

It sounds like you are trying to import a mp3 file which is saved locally, but clicking on the import from URL button in VideoScribe. Try importing your MP3 track by clicking on the 'Import MP3 Sound File' option (it looks like a folder and is located to the left of the URL button)

No, that's not it, unfortunately. The Snip you post above must be from Version 2.0 as I have the previous version. See my picture attached. I'm clicking on the button circled in red.


The bizarre thing is that I have no problems importing another piece of music. Just not the one I want, even though it plays with no difficulty on my laptop in Windows Media Player.

Hi James,

In version 1 of videoscribe (and possibly newer versions), you will get that error message if your mp3 file contains upper case letters in the suffix.

Please try renaming the file with all lowercase letters (for example try "filename.mp3" instead of "filename.MP3").

If you continue to have a problem, you could also try shortening the name and only using letters and numbers in the file name.

hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


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