I lost all my saved files !!!!!!!

  •  Hello I was working and saving my work, I saved them with 2 different names. I was open them and using them... BUT sudenly after I restart my computer ALL THE SAVED FILES DESSAPEAR they are just no more in the computer!!! (and they were there, because I was using them and opening them) I need to find a way to find them, I already read about autosave and all the related matters in this forum. But this is not my problem, my problem is that my recen files just go away after i restart my computer ( and they were there, and i opened them  and close them befeore)



  • Hi,
    1) What version of the program are you using?
    2) Do you have a mac or a PC?
    3) If you made more than one account, maybe you are logged into the wrong one.
    4) did you save your scribes locally or online?
    5) if you used any kind of memory and hard drive cleaner program on your computer, it might erase scribe files
    6) if you save scribes locally, you can only access them on the same computer that you used to make them.

    If you provide more information someone may be able to provide more suggestions.

    Hope that helps!
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • thanks.
    1)Im using 2.0
    3)Im in the right account,  (But i supose anyways it nevermind, because the problem is with the file that was in my local machine)
    5)I didin't use any cleaner, it was just that i restart, just all as i wrote before...
    6)I know, but you didnt anser any of my questions, I hope you can!


  • I will like to have some specific help by you telling like me wehre the "cache saved file" or "this ghost file could went" , i mean; wich specific folder uses Sparkol to put this temporary files, or which way may i use to find it and restore it.


  • Hi,

    Customer support may be able to help you.

    I don't think this is a known problem, and the information you have provided does not seem to indicate a clear reason for the problem you are having.

    By default, scribes are saved on your computer in a format that only videoscribe can recognize and open.
    The data is somewhere usually in a hidden folder on your computer. You cannot find them with a directory search using a file name because they are in some sort of proprietary format or a data file.

    In version 1 of videoscribe there was an autosave backup file that you could open up like any other file in the videoscribe file selection screen. In version 2 of videoscribe, I think there is only a message that pops up when you login if there were any unsaved changes during your previous session.

    when you login, do you see ANY scribes at all in the main page? Do you see the plus symbol, the clouds symbol and several other thumbnail images like this?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks i've discovered that the problem is that: when you enter in the save window, there's a "ok" icon so i pressed thinkin i was saving (instead of it you should press the diskett icon) so is a problem with the design of your interface icons that aren't clear enough (because is confuding the "ok" and the "diskett" icon, the fisrt didn't save so what is for this icon next to the "cancel" cross?)


  • Hi,

    (It's not my interface and I agree that the version 2 interface is frustrating and not very intuitive. For that reason and a few other reasons, I still use version 1.3.26)

    version 2.0.0 does not have popup help labels on the icons. version 1.3.26 has them and  version 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 have them on most icons. To learn more about saving and other features in version 2.0.X, you can watch the tutorial videos or view the worksheets: version 2 videos and worksheets

    Here is a slight correction to what you wrote about the Save menu:
    If videoscribe is working as intended,
    1) the checkmark icon DOES save the scribe locally*. This is probably the most commonly used save method. Locally saved scribes can only be seen or opened from within videoscribe using the same videoscribe account that made them.
    2) *If there are any restrictions on your computer that prevent you from saving to certain folders then you might not be able to save locally. ( for example company-managed computers or users that don't have administrative user rights on their computer) I do not know if you would receive an error message or not.
    3) the X icon cancels the save process.
    4) the diskette/flashdrive icon exports a standalone scribe file that you can save to your hard drive or portable memory device. That file can be shared and imported back into videoscribe by you or other videoscribe users using the folder button in the lower right corner of the scribe selection screen.
    5) the cloud icon saves your scribe online and it can only be opened with the same videoscribe account.
    6) in the field that says "base folder" if you created a new folder, your scribe might be saved there instead of the default folder.

    customer support may have other insights to share.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest version - 2.0.2.

    Any files saved locally can be seen and opened from within VideoScribe regardless of the account you log in with.

    There isn't much else I can add to that, thanks Mike.


  • i worked hard for two days with 2minute auto save settings. after every 2 minutes,  an annoying logo was appearing for 5 to 10 secs (which is a huge problem anyway) and it confirms that my project was being saved. 

    but now when i opened it, it is not there. an incomplete project is there in its initial stage. 

    i am very very disappointed by paying USD49 for this crashing freezing crap in i7 and 8GB RAM machine

  • Hi,
    I am a videoscribe user.

    (The autosave feature does not over-write your saved file. It only makes a temporary file that can be recovered in case of a crash. You can disable it by changing the save time to zero)

    Save your work. Save your work. Save your work. When you close a project, you are asked if you want to save the recent changes. Save them.

    Note to customer support: Maybe that feature should be named something more accurate like "Temporary Backup" or just "Temporary File" and the save message should be "saving temporary backup".


    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Yes, you still need to save your scribe when 'autosave backup' is turned on as the backup is only reverted to if there is a crash/power failure. If you close the software without saving, the autosave backup is lost and cannot be recovered. 

    If you are still having issues with missing scribes, please open a support ticket and we can investigate further.

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