Hindi text in VideoScribe (RR-932)

  • I like the idea of <a href="https://hindifonts.org/">hindi fonts</a> in VideoScribe. thanks

  • Please add this support. It is blocking me from converting to paid version from free trial

  • For my videos which are targetted at an Indian audience, support for Unicode is important. I have to create videos in Devnagari script and other Indian languages (Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali etc). I understand that creating full mapping is not feasible for all sort of characters, but a different object can be created which can be treated as an image can help to extend support for all Unicode and complex characters. 

    Whilst there is an option to upload SVG, the support can be directly integrated into the software instead of the lengthy process of uploading characters in separate software, converting to SVG and then importing back in the Videoscribe software. 

  • Do you guys have any plan to add support for Hindi fonts?

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