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Custom SVG Sweet Spot

VideoScribe Community, I would like to know what the "Sweet Spot" is for creating custom svg illustrations.

I see there is some issues with using Illustrator and a basic 1pt stroke, along with what the size of the Artboard is, and that using 1280px x 720px and a 3pt stroke doesn't cause the "popping" effect(where the stroke appears to jump up a few sizes after the illustration is complete) that I have been seeing in my custom illustrations.

The issue I see is that the mask(used for the reveal) is causing artifacts when lines intersect, but when I use SVG from the library, they seem optimized for this.

My round about question is, what is the stroke size of the mask used so that I can make it the same as my stoke width?

I have created a couple of lines - one in illustrator and one in inkscape  - that intersect and imported them into videoscribe (see attached scribe).

They are both 6pt thick and neither of them exhibit the artefact that you can see in your own illustrations.

I am waiting to get an official response about this from our illustrators but that is all I can give you at the moment.


here is the scribe

Apparently, if you change the scale of the SVG then it will sort out the problem.

So basically change the size (I asked one of our developers and got a complicated answer that I don't fully understand) and this should sort the problem.

If you have the svg file that this issue occurs on and can share it with me then I might be able to get a better explanation and solution.

Hi Jac,

The answers provided above deal with a common and more subtle symptom that makes the lines seem a bit soft and blurry while they are being drawn and then they become sharper and a little thicker when the drawing is finished. I THINK that the symptom you are describing is similar but unrelated. The strokes are drawn significantly thinner and have very noticable thickening at the intersections, and then the strokes all become thicker when the drawing is finished.

(NOTE: I haven't seen your SVG file but I don't think you should need to use an extra reveal stroke at all for a simple line drawing like that. Just a regular stroked path drawn with the pencil or pen tool)

DO you use Illustrator CC? Illustrator CC has a new pencil tool (maybe the pen tool is new too) with features that cause the more extreme "intersection symptom you described.

Here is a previous thread describing the undersized stroke and intersection problem that occurs with the new pencil tool in CC:

There might be a way to disable the new pencil tool features either in in the pencil settings or when saving... or I THINK that if you save the AI file as a CS4 file (or any format older than CC probably), then close the CC file and open the CS4 file and save it as an SVG, that might eliminate the symptom.

If that doesn't work, you could open your SVG in inkscape (free at and resave it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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