Does anyone program test? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slide navigation has now become so unusable I cannot believe it. It was bad before and was really hoping for it to be fixed!!! Any basic programmer would not let this rubbish out. What am I supposed to do? This truly is crap!!!!!!

  • Hi Jonathan,

    sorry you are having these issues.

    Please could you give a bit more detail about the problem - when it occurs, what you are doing and we might be able to find a solution.

    You could also save any problem scribes to your online directory and we can have a look.


  • I cant believe you are asking me this?

    I am an ex programmer. All you need to do is test your slide navigation bar. It is simply so bad I don't know where to start. Pull a slide to reorder it - move it a long way in particualr. Move slides to end and beginning. Add slides.. Have a ten slide project from the older version move then move them. Slides disappear. Cant reorder them because it just doesn't work. Saving projects and reopening helps and is the only work around I have and that is not too good. There are so many issues. As a developer for 27 years I really would not even have moved this to system test, let alone user test.

    You really need to make this behave like a mac and windows product. It has got so many issues - it is unbelievable. I could spend half a day listing the issues..

    However, it kind of works so I am forced to use it.

    Jon :(

  • Hi Jonathon,

    Timeline issues were one of the things that we worked on and tested with the new desktop release, so it is strange that you are still having these issues, particularly in a scribe that only has 10 slides in. Do you have these issues with scribes created in version 2.0.2? It could be worth selecting all the elements in your scribe (ctrl+a) , cutting them, opening a new scribe and pasting them in there and see if you still have the same problem. If the same issues persist, could you save the scribe in your online folder? It would help us out if we could take a look at it here and identify what is causing this issue for you.

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