how to make videoscribe draw less details?

  • because what happens is when I upload my picture and set 20 sec limit it draws a lot of small details covering about 5% of the picture, and when the time runs out the whole image suddenly appears. How to make it evenly draw the whole image without tiny details in 20 sec?

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  • Hi Poul,

    I have had a look at the image and it is very small.

    If you enlarge the image it becomes very pixelated.

    Do you have a higher resolution version of the image?


  • I do not think that the case in the resolution.

    What I would set any time, the program 99% of the time draws just such a picture

    and only at the last moment the whole picture appears instantly

  • Hi Poul,

    I think this symptom can be broken down into two issues:

    1) preparing the image in the best way for use in videoscribe

    2) the way videoscribe determines how to draw a jpg image

    I agree that the problem may not be the "resolution" of the image exactly. It's actually a pretty oversized image (2489x959) at the moment, but the filtering effects have made it very high-contrast, pixelated and grainy, and I think that is what Matt observed. Importing a huge high contrast/pixelated image into videoscribe can sometimes result in a very grainy distorted looking imported element. Image optimization is a part of the problem here, and the other part is the way videoscribe decides to "draw" imported images.

    My guess is that you are using the second import style option in videoscribe 2. Have you tried the bottom middle option? It just follows a very generic back and forth motion but it may be preferable for this particular image.

    To get a better drawing effect, I would recommend testing a few different versions of the image. For example the original unfiltered photo (not the one you attached but the source image), a version similar to the one you uploaded but with a slight blur to reduce the grainyness, maybe one with darker grays... to see if you can improve your results.  whatever image you use, I'd recommend cropping off the excess white, applying a slight blur and then resizing the image down to about 900 or 1200 pixels wide.

    (If you just can't get it to look right in version 2.0.2.... version 1.3.26 has a different (and more adjustable) way of converting images to sketches that I think is superior to version 2 in many cases. If you revert to version 1.3.26, be aware that you will not be able to open any scribes saved in a newer version)

    Attached is a video showing the original jpg and a smaller more optimized copy being drawn with videoscribe 1.3.26

    -Mike(videoscribe user)


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