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2.02 Set Camera

 I created some text. Clicked the "Set Camera Lock" at the bottom right, but the text does not set. When I play it back, the text zooms to larger size and does not stay set at the position or size when I used the "Set Camera Lock"

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Dan,

is the text the last element in your scribe?

If you have 'zoom at end?' checked (available when previewing the scribe) then the camera will zoom out after the text is drawn.

When you click on the element in the timeline do you have the option to remove the camera setting in the bottom right corner?

You can check the camera setting of an element by clicking it once on the canvas so that it is highlighted and then clicking it again in the timeline.

The camera will then zoom to the camera position currently set for that image.

Does this happen on all elements or is only specific ones?



Hey Mathew

it had to do with having the zoom at the end check. I think in 1.3.26 you can change that setting in the default setting while in 2.02 I think I have to set it for each element.

Anyways, that was the problem.



I finished a scribe and when I played it back my  camera is super close, and its this way for my whole video. How do I set my camera at let say 1640% for all my images, do I have to edit each image or is there I can set it for the whole finished scribe for all my images


If you want the same camera position for all of your elements:
1) Place the camera where you want it.
2) select all elements that you want to share the same camera positions
3) click "set camera"

(If you want different camera positions for each element then set the camera individually for each element.)

 You can CTRL+click multiple elements in the timeline to select them.

if you have problems on a mac:

Be sure to watch the video tutorials on the Instant Answers page for more tips.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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