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Unable to preview complete scribe

Hello, I'm creating my first scribe, for some reason I can't preview it when selecting the preview button on the top right. I just get a blank screen with a pause, stop and left and right button (because there's no play button - I think it must be playing something). I've quit the programme and reopened it, but still the same. Can you help?

I think you may have set the camera so it is not viewing the images.

Select all the items on your canvas by pressing ctrl+a on a pc or CMD+a on a Mac and click the clear camera position icon in the bottom right.

This will reset the camera position for all elements and when you press play the camera will zoom on each element in turn.

If you save your scribe online and tell support the name of it, they may be able to look into it for you.

be sure to mention what version of videoscribe you are using and if you have a mac or a pc.

You could also try to save and reboot and try again.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I had the exact same issue.  I have set up my scribe to capture a number of images on the each frame to tell my story, and then move those images off the canvas and start another part of the story, repeating the same process, i.e. selecting all by Control A (I have a PC), and then clicking on the camera with a tick on it.  Can you please advise if I am suppose to click on the camera with a cross on it before I start my next frame?  I think that I may have grouped the entire story together and now it is so small that perhaps that is why I am only seeing a blank screen.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


In essence, you are doing this:

1) putting a vase on a table

2) positioning the camera to look at the table

3) taking the vase off of the table and putting it in the closet

4) turning on the camera and recording an empty table.

Do something more like this:

1) add an image

2) with the current image still selected and in view of the camera, click the "set camera" icon. This means that the camera will look at that specific canvas location while that image is being drawn.

3) fine tune the scale or position of the image if necessary, but keep it on the visible canvas where you want it to be for the video.

4) To move to a blank area of the canvas, leave the image where it is on the canvas, but click and drag the CANVAS . In effect, this moves the canvas (or camera) to a new position so you can add a new element.

5) repeat steps 1-4

At the top of this page there is an INSTANT ANSWERS link that will take you to a page fill of guides, videos, tutorials and FAQs that you might want to see.

Hope that helps, -Mike (videoscribe user)

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