Stop Button Bug

  • Version 2.0.2

    Now when I hit the stop button, about 20% of the time the video keeps going, and it is not clear how to stop it. I click around on the timeline, sometimes exit the app. These things take a full minute of time. Please look into it.

  • Hi Derek,

    thanks for bringing this to our attention- I've had a quick test and haven't been able to replicate this here yet. So we can look into this further can you let us know a few things:

    1. Do you have this issue with just one scribe, or multiple scribes? if this happens with one scribe in particular, please save it in your online folder and let us know the name of the scribe.

    2. Does this happen when you preview the whole scribe with the button in the top right, or when you preview from a particular point with the button on a particular element in your time line?

    many thanks

  • Not sure. I think mostly when from the beginning. Will pay attention to this.

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