One-off payment vs. Subscription

  • Besides cost, what are the advantage and disadvantages of the one-off payment?

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  • Hi
    official answer

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • @Mike, that doesn't answer the question ...

  • Hi Alexandra,

    I will try to clarify that information for you. Dovell stated that he was already aware of the cost differences between the subscription (monthly/yearly) and lifetime PRO memberships.

    Aside from the cost difference, The only differences for the three PRO payment plans is the length of time you have access to the program. The available features of the program are the same for all pro members using desktop software.

    1) one monthly payment gives you a month of access.  It recurs unless cancelled.
    2) one yearly payment gives you a year of access. It recurs unless cancelled.
    3) one lifetime membership gives you access "permanently".

    (if you buy a year membership, the cost per month is less than the monthly subscription cost. If you buy the lifetime membership, the cost could be significantly less "per month")

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks for clearing that up Mike.


  • I have subscribe on a yearly plan and I realise that I am too limited on image properties and most of the images are online so my question is, if it happens that I upgrade to full version will I be able to have full access on image property?
  • Hi,

    All paying users have access to the full version. All paying users have the exact same features including the same access to the library images.

    Images that are available for individual purchase are images that have been provided by videoscribe users, and the users who provided the images have selected the pricing for those images. Images available for purchase are not free for anyone.

    There is a site called SVG-studio that offers a subscription for many more images, or you can make them yourself or find free SVGs online.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • If you buy the lifetime membership do you get all future upgrades to the software? Or are you limited to the current major version?

  • According to the official answer in the link provided above,  monthly, annual and lifetime payments have the same features, including software updates.

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