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letters in Arabic connected not separated

Suggestion from user:

"Thank you for adding Arabic font and I would like to let you know that letters in Arabic come connected not separated as what is happening now. this an example, when writing my name Khalid it should appears like this خالد all letters are connected to each other but once it is inserted in your program it will appears like this د ل ا خ

Please try to fix this soon to get the opportunity to use this wonderful program. Thank you"

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One thing you can do to get the text to be more connected is to reduce the gap between the letters.

To do this:

select the text element in the timeline.

Click 'Change properties of this element' .

Click the minus icon to reduce the gap .


First I want to say thank you for the upgrade, I was waiting for the Arabic to be added , but for my surprise the Arabic font does not join , I don,t know if you understand what I mean , but Arabic letters it does not go like this but most of them it join or connected , I think you need to find the way to fix this or a code, thank you so much hope to hear from you soon because many will use it if work with Arabic Language Kamal Khlaif

Also Iforgot to tell you that the Arabic must go from right to Left but when I write Arabic it switch the letters to left so for Example but in English when I right the Word: LOVE you see it EVOL

Hi Kamal,

Thanks for your post-  we are looking into this. VideoScribe writes text by creating an image of each character individually which is why this issue occurs.
In the meantime, you can create a SVG image of your text by following the instructions in the second half of this instant answer
Also, we have included the option to draw text from right to left- you can do this by ticking the 'draw backwards' option on the text properties screen.

Hi there I have the same problem when I try to write in Arabic language on the software, the alphabets looks different once connected. separate alphabets doesn't have meaning and doesn't tell when a word is completed or the gap between different words, other video building softwares have Arabic language working perfectly with connected alphabets.

This would be a big issue for anyone who makes videos for an Arabic speaking audience.

Please let us know if this is fixed or if there is any update coming to solve this issue.

Neigel W.

I am so sure that they are working on this, Arab market is huge and I am sure the have the right programers who will solve this soon.
I wonder if the question is about spacing or about ligatures and contextual variants. It's a tougher issue in Arabic than in Hebrew, and even tougher in some Asian languages.

I vote up for this , we cannot depend on SVG as its really waste of time ; I would expect this should be easy to fix 

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation

The issue is not spacing, as in the Arabic language there isn't a type of writing or font that doesn't join the letters. This issue can also occur in other programs such as photoshop if not setup correctly. Arabic text can be imported into Videoscribe with SVG but it's incredibly tedious. 

As 2 of the commenters above have already stated Egypt as well as many other countries in the middle east are fast growing entrepreneurial ground we're in talks with alot of companies who are interested in software like this, but the Arabic, language flow within the program is essential. 

I look forward to seeing this in the next version

When using Arabic in this video, I had to use the SVG mode. It was tedious.

However, technically speaking, it seems there are two overlapping issues here:
  1. RTL text input (this is not supported in VideoScribe for either Arabic or Hebrew)
  2. Wrong spacing of characters (this is a result of no RTL input in the case of Arabic)

Perhaps RTL support should be escalated to "need to have".

Also, perhaps this might be useful:

Hi Matthew... 

I think you can go ahead and fix this issue... it is really needed in Arabic

It's older than 3 months now... 

Hi there, just to advise that this is a feature request with our development team.

To add to what Sara had stated hereinabove, what's needed is RTL alignment, proper handling of Arabic ligatures (contextual variants of glyphs).

Upvoting this. There are several other languages that would benefit from proper RTL support too.


I think you should solve this problem asap many people looking to buy a license but they want to finish their project in Arabic language.

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