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Right to left drawing


I need to know how to make the hand move from right to left

 when I import svg images.

thank you!

VideoScribe will draw the SVG images in the same order as the lines were added when the SVG was created.

So you would need to draw the right hand most objects of your image first and work your way over to the left when creating your SVG images.

There is an instant answer about how to 'Create your own images' that you will find useful.


hi Matt!

I would to ask you some questions about my new film.

the film is attached in this link so you can see it

1) I want a steady frame all the film so the camera is steady too, and I want every scene will disappear except the frame. what is the best way to do it?

2) After few scenes the hand seems as it "tired" the line is not streaming Smoothly

why does it happens? and what can I do?

3) Sound- I Have a "voice over" for all the film and I want also nice music play with it. can I add It in videoscribe or should I bring it already together (the "voice over" and the music)

thank you very much!



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Hi Dikla,

Thanks for your questions.

1. The way that you are doing this (having one frame appear at the beginning and then having a blank svg appear over the top of each scene) is a good way of achieving this effect. If you want to stop the camera from moving at all during your scribe, set your view to the position you would like for the whole scribe, select all the elements (by pressing ctrl+A), and then clear and then set the camera position (you can do this with the two camera icons in the bottom right of your screen- the one with the x clears the camera positions, and the tick sets them).

2. When previewing it might slow down a bit as it tries to animate your scribe while it is open. This should only happen when you use the preview, It should draw fine on your finished video after you have rendered it.

3. You can add both a Voiceover and a soundtrack- in the top of your screen there is a microphone symbol (where you can add your voiceover) and a musical note symbol (where you can add your music track). Both tracks will automatically play from the beginning of your scribe.

I hope the above is helpful, please let us know if you need any further information or clarification.

hi again :-)

I would like to know exactly how to make the hand fill a shape (not a line), the way you show in VideoScribe v2 tutorial 2 

You show there how to create the logo "Help IT" in 2 ways

One file you call SVG1 and the other one is SVG2

What is the difference between them?

Can you add more information about it?

thank you very much!



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Hi Shimon,

Thanks for your question.

The main difference between the two different SVG images (and the reason that they draw differently) is that the pathing is different. In an SVG image the 'path' is the route that the pen will take in revealing an image- you can see the effect that pathing has on the way an image is drawn in this instant answer. Also, bellow is a screenshot showing the paths on both of the versions of the logo so you can see the difference.

I hope this answers your question, please let us know if you need any more support with this.

Hi Matt, my question is why videoscribe drew in a different order than I created the SVG file in inkscape with bezier tool? 


There is a lot of detail on the settings and order needed on this forum post -  Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update) 

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