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Another problem...another illustrator question

 I'm trying to solve an illustrator issue. Hopefully the images below along with the description under the image explains the problem. Sorry, it took these many images to explain the problem but wanted to make it as  clear as I possibility could.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Dan,

If you could upload the SVG version of your image here I could take a look at it for you and advise accordingly. Alternatively, if you don't want to post it in a public forum, you could send it to us by raising a support ticket here.

Thanks for the offer, but that isn't the issue. I know my message above is long, but if you read and understood it, the issue is being able to find a solution to the problem when I need to use the technique. I don't think sending you the image would solve it. My hope was someone understood illustrator well enough to offer a solution.


I think I understand your description of what is occurring, but based on the information provided, I do not understand how you consider that to be a problem or how it could interfere with your scribe.

1)  if the problem is the size difference, can you just scale the image larger in videoscribe?

2) or if the problem is that you are getting a white border around your image which shows up as white in front of a colored background that you are using, can you delete the white background from your SVG before saving it? It should be possible to have a transparent background around the outside edge.

3) or is it something else?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hey Mike

I guess for me to explain I would have to do a tutor on the technique I use. It isn't my technique but one I learn from studying other video scribe experts who take Video Scribe beyond normal use. Trying to get the experts to give up some of their trade secrets is tough, especially if it is a money maker, but I'm this close and will keep trying.


Hi Dan, essentially you will need to ensure the borders of the path are within the borders of the image.

Not too sure about how you do this within Adobe Illustrator but I can do it pretty easily in InkScape so if Illustrator has a similar option you can use the technique below. Otherwise use InkScape to do this (it is free).

I have also added images to demonstrate.

Once you have imported your image add your paths to the image:

You will notice that there is a border representing the paths (the black arrows).

When you are happy with the layout of your paths, make them thicker by increasing the width making sure the whole image is covered:

Now you have the whole image covered, you can make the path boarder fit the image boarder by using the arrows. You may need to lower the opacity to about 20% or so at this stage to make sure the whole image is covered with a path including the border:

You can now save your SVG file. If you look at the image below, you can see the Difference between the two.

This only took me about 3 minutes to complete and with a bit more work I could ensure the paths are perfectly aligned:

Thanks, Joe

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