Licence extention

  • Hi,
    our company needs to extend the Pro licence and we would like to choose the monthly
    recurring option (22 EUR). For tax reasons we definetly need a receipt after the
    transaction. When we bought the Pro version last year, we got one.
    Do we also get one when using this monthly option?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Dietmar, thanks for your question.

    If you subscribe to a Monthly Pro plan you can view your invoices online.

    You will also receive a payment receipt via email.

    You will be able to print the screen or save as a PDF from your online account.

    Please see this link which has instructions on how to do this:

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hi Joe,
    thank your very much for your quick answer.

    The link you posted points to the BlueSnap invoice option.

    So I can be sure to also get a receipt when using Paypal?

    By the way, the difference between the 12 EUR and 22 EUR option is not clear for me?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Dietmar,

    when you pay using PayPal you still pay via Bluesnap so the invoice/receipt will be the same.

    The difference between the 12 and 22 EUR option is that the 12 EUR option is paid in one lump sum of 144 EUR (this is a recurring payment that will be taken each year unless cancelled).

    The 22 EUR option is paid monthly and is also a recurring payment that can be cancelled at any time.

    I hope this clears things up for you.

    Best wishes,


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