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Does VideoScribe support svgz?

When saving my svgs for import into VideoScribe. I noticed that I have an option to save an .svgz (compressed svg).

Does VideoScribe support svgz?
What is the difference?
Does it truly decrease the filesize without  maintaining the image quality?


When I build my scribes, I tend to have nearly 100 images or so. I'd like to keep the filesize to a minimum if possible and would like to know before I begin saving so many files.



Hi Heather,

VideoScribe does not support svgz files - did you try to import one?

I am not sure of the difference apart from the fact that svgz files are a lot smaller because they are compressed using gzip and supposedly this does not lead to loss of image quality.

You can try using SVG Cleaner to reduce the size of your SVG images which will not reduce the image quality.

Also you could try splitting your scribes into smaller pieces - create three shorter scribes instead of one long one and edit them together after you render them.


Thanks Matt! Also, can you please suggest an optimal size for creating vector graphics? I'm finding different sizes suggested in the community from 400x400 to 1920 max. I plan to export at the highest setting and will be zooming into parts of the scribe. I want my elements to stay sharp. Please advise. Thanks!
Also, should the zoom be kept at 100% (for the most part) or does it matter? It used to be that my images would import at the height of the screen but now that has changed. I'm concerned about file size and quality. Thanks!

Hi Heather,

the size of the svg when you create it is not so important as the vector images are scalable.

The resolution that the image is imported into VideoScribe at will affect the amount of pixelation on the image when zoomed in.

You can change the default import setting by clicking on the cog icon in the bottom right corner of the home screen .

You can change the default image quality to anywhere between 400 and 4000 pixels.

See our instant answer entitled Improve image quality for more information.


Thank you Matt. I understand how to get the high quality, I'm just trying to maintain it while keeping the overall scribe size down. It seems the program slows and gets glitchy with size. Having to make separate scribes to compile a 2-3 minute video is a pretty cumbersome workaround. Thanks!
SVG Cleaner produces svgz files which VS does not recognize.  What a great shame you suggest it or can you suggest a way around it ?



I believe that you are mistaken. SVG Cleaner processes an SVG and saves it as an SVG with the same file name

be aware that there is SVG Cleaner (by razrfalcon) and there is SVG-Cleaner (by preciousforever) and there may be others as well.

I think the razrfalcon one is the one you want.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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