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adding page to existing timeline

I need to add a new page in the middle of my timeline.

I have tried a couple things with unsuccessful results.

suggestions are welcomed.

thanks in advance

Hi Dawna,

there are no pages in VideoScribe - there is a canvas which is unlimited in every direction.

What have you tried already?

You can add elements anywhere you like on the canvas and where they are in the timeline will determine which order they are drawn in.

To add an element at a certain point in the timeline, click on the element before and the new element will be added after it.

You do not need to have the elements all lined up on the canvas in a straight line, they can be spread out a bit (but not too much).

But make sure that when you add new elements, they are the same size as each other.

When you add a new element it may be a lot bigger or smaller than the previous elements so you will need to resize it.

I hope this helps.


Hi Matt,

thanks for responding.

ok. i clicked on the previous image and added my new images as you suggested.

But now it won't advance to the next "page" (for lack of a better term).

it freezes on the new images and then advances to the "page" after the one its supposed to go to.

in other words, it is freezing on the new images and then advancing past the following group.

from there it plays just fine through to the end.

any thoughts?

thanks again,


Hi Dawna,

Sorry that this issue is ongoing for you.

So we can look into this can you save your scribe in your online (cloud) folder and let us know the name of your scribe? then we can open it here and take a look at it for you.

hi Daniel,

ok. i have saved my project to the cloud.

my scribe is named "body balance"

Where i am having the glitch is midway through the piece.

I have added the photos of the laboratory.

it is there where it freezes.

it should be going next to the image of the supplemental facts panel for my product with the text starting with "NO GMOs."

i am still very new to this program (less than a week) so i have probably done something improperly.

I am going to need to add more images toward the end of the piece as well.

so if there is a tutorial you can direct me to that explains the proper way to proceed, that would be extremely helpful.

thank you so much!!


Hi Daniel,

Am I correct in assuming that you are in the UK?

Hopefully you will be able to resolve my issue before shutting down for the night,

I am in the States and would hate to lose a day's work due to the time difference,

I appreciate you!


Hi Dawna,

Sorry for the delay in my reply. I've only just been able to take a look at your scribe- I hope this hasn't caused you to much inconvenience.

I've had a look at the part of the scribe that you are referring to- On the elements between the image of the supplemental facts and the text saying 'from super food ingredients' the camera was set on the elements before (the lab images). I've re-set the camera positions on your images and saved the scribe in your online folder as "body balance camera edited". If you open this scribe, does it play as expected?

For general information on camera positions and using the canvas, take a look at this tutorial video- all four of the v2 tutorial videos are great tools for getting to grips with VideoScribe.

Please let us know if you have any further issues with this, or need any more information.

Best wishes,


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your help!

however my next issue deals with the zoom.

For some reason on many of the images, the zoom was defaulted to 1%. Clearly that is too low,

So I have 2 questions:

1. What do you recommend to be the best zoom percentage? I watched the tutorial again with Joe and his suggestion was between 100 and 1000%. I would like this piece to be an HD quality, so what percentage is your recommendation?

2. I ran a test on the scribe you corrected. I took the page with the lab photos, reset the zoom to 113%, saved it. But when i closed out the program and reopened it, it had again defaulted back to 1%.

So I need to know how I can set the zoom to  the percentage I want for the entire piece. Do i need to adjust each individual image? Or is there a way I can reset the entire scribe to the specific zoom level?

Looking forward to your response.

And thank you again!

You are a life saver!! ;)


Hi Dawna,

thanks for getting back to us.

As Joe says in the tutorial the recommended zoom level is between 100 and 1000% and the amount of zoom will not affect the quality of the final video.

You will need to resize each element (text/image) and then adjust the camera position to the correct zoom level accordingly.

You will need to remove the camera position for the element , then make the element smaller.

Then if you click on that element in the timeline it will take you to the default camera position and show the zoom level in the bottom left.

It is always useful to use the zoom buttons  to zoom out to see how the images you are working on compare in size to other elements that are at a good zoom level (between 100 and 1000%).

It is always best to make sure that when you are adding new elements you check the zoom level first and then resize the element so that it is within the optimal range before adjusting and setting your camera position.

I hope this information helps you and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,


I am new user ,I have a problem with pictures' size .I  make them smaller and save the video but when I play the video all the elements view big (screen ) size.

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