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When video is uploaded it is blurred


Every time i upload my videos to facebook/youtube the images are blurred and not as sharp as the original. I have created many different ones with different variations: standard HD full HD etc. but it results in the same blurred images when uploaded. I have also increased default image quality setting, but this does not help. How do i rectify this? 

I am looking to create videos on a mac for websites, so what is idea setting for quality and fast down load? 


Hi Charles, thanks for your question.

Can I confirm if you're using the option within VideoScribe to upload to Facebook/Youtube or are you saving a copy of the file to your computer and then uploading the video

in the usual way?

When uploading directly to Youtube/Facebook from VideoScribe the resolution is 1280x720 which is quite high quality so you should not get a loss of quality.
What I would suggestion trying to do is render your scribe using the .FLV option and uploading to see if this makes a difference.

If it does not, please provide a Youtube link of a video experiencing this issue. If you can also save a copy of the scribe in question to your online (cloud) directory please also do this and tell us the name of it so we can investigate.

If you prefer not to post this on the community pages, you can send the details to us in private via a support ticket using this link -

Thanks, Joe

 Was this resolved? I am having the same issue

1) provide a link to your blurry video please

2) are the images blurry when you preview the project in videoscribe too?

3) you could also save the project as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want someone to look at it.

4) is it all of the images in the project, or just some of them?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I've the same problem. Please refer to this video.

Your video doesn't look blurry to me Shaik. I see it in 720p!

Please bear in mind that when you upload a video to YouTube, it has to be processed. This processing typically means videos are only available at 144p, 360p, etc. for a while before the higher resolution version is available.

Hope this info helps!

Also if the video is set to 'Auto' resolution on YouTube, the resolution will be increased or decreased depending on the available bandwidth of the internet connection.

Also, keep in mind that if you are watching a video on youtube, and youtube is automatically selecting a video quality, you may get a low quality video stream. if your connection is slow.

You can manually select your stream quality on youtube by clicking the gear/cog icon below the video:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


whoops, Matthew beat me to it!


Hi Matthew...thanks for looking into this.

Yeah..I got that one. Let me tell you. I was watching the video in 17 inch display monitor and it was appearing blurred. Not just mine. I noticed that the tutorials/help videos that are posted on youtube (the scribes) by videoscribe itself are also appearing as low resolution. Please advise.

Not just images, this is the case with the font also....

Shaik I am not sure what you're saying as your video looks fine to me. As for elements appearing blurry, it usually depends on the zoom level of the canvas or the size of the element. The platform we are using for VideoScribe means different fonts and images will look differently when you do different things with them, for example the 'BASIC' font might scale better (either you zooming in on the canvas or making the element bigger) than an imported TrueType font like Arial.

You might have some luck with increasing VideoScribe's default image quality.

I've increased the image quality. The problem is that the image is getting blurry in the video after uploading to youtube. When I play it in the videoscribe, it is appearing good but the problem is after uploading it to youtube. I see that my videos are being watched even on smart TVs. So, It would be great if videoscribe team takes care of this so that there is no loss of quality. Also, on youtube, I'm able to achieve on 720p max quality. Is there a way to increase it more that that. May be that resolves the problem.

Also, increasing the default image quality may not be a solution for this issue.

I think I understand what you're asking...

If you upload to YouTube through VideoScribe you're probably limited to 720p max resolution. To get around this, send your video to and download from there where you can get a 1080p MP4. 

Hope this helps.

Hi Joseph, thanks for your response.

May be that helps. I'll try...Few more questions though. Isn't it possible to directly upload from videoscribe to youtube in the high resolution?

Can't I save the file locally and then upload it manually?

Can I use the same login as that of videoscribe to access

Please advise.

Isn't it possible to directly upload from videoscribe to youtube in the high resolution?

No. EDIT: VideoScribe can upload to YouTube at 720p, which is HD. Me saying 'no' here refers to 1080 HD resolution Shaik was asking about.

Can't I save the file locally and then upload it manually?

Sure, if you want. I personally prefer to sent it to that way we'll take care of the render for you but it's possible to do it yourself. Just create a video file that's with an output size of 1080 (Full HD). 

Can I use the same login as that of videoscribe to access

Yes. Something important to remember is that if you set your video's visibility to 'Private' then you must be logged in to in order to see it, if you're not you get a 'd'oh!' error message. 

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