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  •  I am experimenting with the way videoscribe imports svg files. And I am trying to use the method described where you should make a duplicate of a stroke in illustrator and then set its visbility to 0 to be able to use a line that is not basic. It works OK except the hand traces the lines 2 times! I dont seem to find any explanation to that problem. Do you have a solution?

    - Mikkel

  • Hi mike,

    sorry that you are having issues with this- So we can look into this could you send us a copy of the image file? Also, could you let us know if the hand is drawing the exact same path twice, or is it drawing around the outline of the image you're importing?

  •  Hi Daniel

    I had it grouped at first and then duplicated the group, and then I thought it might have been the reason. But no, it still traces twice...

    Heres 2 svg files attached. Both made in illustrator CC2014


    (767 KB)
    (762 KB)
  • Hi Mikkel,

    thanks for sending those through.

    It looks like both of the layers are drawing basic lines- this is my each line is drawing twice. If you select the bottom, opaque line and use the drop down menu where is says 'Basic' to select a brush effect you should not get this issue.

    The effect that you're trying out is designed so you can draw lines that have been set to use various brush effects, as VideoScribe won't draw these lines- they just pop in instead. By adding a transparent, drawable layer over the top of these lines this enables VideoScribe to draw these lines. 

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