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How do I eliminate final frame zoom out in v2.0.2

I just picked up the tool again after several months away, and I can't figure out how to eliminate the final zoom out before video rendering (now that I have v.2.0.2).

 its probably right in front of my face, but for the life of me I can't see the box to uncheck.

BTW, having zoom out as a default seems strange to me. I never want or need it, do others?  Just my two cents.. :)


How to disable zoom-at-end:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, I saw that thread, but I do not see such a checkbox, either when I preview a scribe or when I go to convert it to video. Under my previous version of the software, that box was clearly visible when I was about to render something to video. Now it’s just completely gone.

This is really inconvenient. I don’t want to have to trim the end of each rendered video.

I’m using the software on a one-year-old MacBook Air.


Hi Tim,

The zoom at end option is during the preview option.

I have attached the Video to demonstrate this.


Thanks, Joe, now I see it. It appears briefly then disappears very quickly, so you have to click it before it goes away!

Where are the Preferences in this version of the software?  I imagine that most users, like me, use the same settings 90% of the time, and it would certainly be nice to be able to set these once in Preferences rather than having to defeat/change settings every time we make a scribe...

Hi Tim, 

The zoom at end option is not in the default settings option.

You can access the default settings in the bottom right corner after logging into VideoScribe.

If you would like this option in the default settings, please add it in the Ideas and Feature Requests community page.

Best wishes.

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