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Hi, I purchased  a one month subscription for a one-off project. If I need to edit that project at a later date and have to purchase another months subscription will my original files still be available, in say 12 months time. I can't find the files locally so I am assuming they are saved to the cloud? 

Hi John,

Thanks for your question.

We do not delete any scribe files saved online so as long as you upgrade the account you saved them on, you will have access

to them when you sign up again.

Thank you for your quick response Joe. So I am correct in thinking that files are not saved locally, but to the cloud?

Hi John,

You have the option to either save them online or locally every time you press the save button.

If you have saved them locally, they will be available on the computer you used to save them.

If you save online, then you can access them from any computer.

By default the save will be local unless when you pres the Save button you then select the Cloud icon.

Hi John,
I think Joe already answered your question, but in addition to what he wrote:
1) the files saved locally by default are not in a location or format that you can find or open using a regular file search. They are intended only to be seen and opened through the videoscribe program.
2) If your subscription is still active, go ahead and save a copy online as a backup.
3) you can also export a copy of the scribe to a "standalone" file with a file name and location of your choice on your computer by clicking the USB/diskette icon shown in the screenshot Joe provided.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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