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Can I make Videoscribe NOT draw?

I find it a little "much" to have a whole presentation with everything being drawn.  Is there a way to import an image or text into my scribe without it being drawn in?  Could the picture or words just appear like in Powerpoint?  Or, do I need to make a scribe into a video and import it into a Powerpoint document so I can have both "stills" and scribing in one presentation?  

Hi Abby,

Thanks for your question. To have images appear, you will need to set the animate time to 0.0.

If this is generally how you would like VideoScribe to work for you. You can set the default animate time to 0.0 in the default settings menu

in the bottom right hand corner after you have logged in:

On the Mac how do I set default time settings ( sorry if this has been discussed earlier - I couldn't find it)  Thanks, 



log into videoscribe with no projects open, and click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen

-Mike (videoscribe user)

BIG Thanyou

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