Time line issues

  • Although the previous post was closed http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000031036

    I would like to raise this issue again. (2.02)

    Apparently it has to do with either: 

    1. copying images from other scribes (?)

    2. inserting images on the timeline in between other images

    This is the situation: after inserting a new image: it looks ok on the timeline sequence, however when previewing, the inserted image is drawn at a sort of random order.

    This worked for me:

    1. save the scribe under a different name

    2. exit VideoScribe

    3. Start VideoScribe again

    4. Open the copy you have made of your scribe

    5. In the timeline you can now see that the image you inserted is in another place in the sequence, drag it into the right place and the sequence is ok.

    Hope this helps!

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  • I'm seeing the same issue with my scribe. After working a few hours on a project the order of the timeilne begins to get out sequence. I thought it had to do with 'setting the camera' but apparently that's not the cause.

  • There does seem to be a new trend of support locking threads and contacting the customer privately. Maybe it is to encourage each user to make a new thread, but I'd rather see one long thread with an answer that works than 5 locked threads with no answer or workaround.

    According to the known bugs thread: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/articles/1000086075-videoscribe-2-0-known-bugs the timeline problems have to do with excessive memory use (which might include excessive camera settings, but more likely just oversize image files, or a whole lot of smaller image files, lots of unused fonts loaded in memory, or various other things).

    Rebooting (or possibly just restarting videoscribe) should help by clearing the memory. In the other thread I suggested saving a copy because I wasn't as familiar with the symptom back then, but saving a copy may not be necessary for this particular symptom, unless simply restarting videoscribe doesn't help.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • In my scribe the images are all under 500 kb. Should be ok. As you suggested restarting VideoScribe is enough, no need to make a copy. 

    When you re-open the scribe  you can see that the images you have inserted in the timeline are placed at the end of the sequence.

  • Hi Marijo/ Patrick

    In some cases having 500kb images is fine, but if you are using a lot of imported images in your scribe we advise sticking as close to 100-150kb as possible. Also, glad that you were able to get a work around for this problem- please let us know if you have any further issues with this. As Mike said, normally the issue can be resolved by saving your scribe and restarting VideoScribe (particularly if you are getting this problem after VideoScribe has been open a while). If this doesn't resolve the problem we will need to take a look at the scribe itself and check what is causing this problem for you. As Mike said it is normally memory related (as soon as you go above 1gb or RAM usage you may run into problems) and we can check to see if this is the cause, and if so what is contributing to this.

    We can take a look at your scribe if you save it in your online (cloud) folder and raise a support ticket detailing the problem and the name of your scribe.

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