Specific timing wrong after export

  • I've lined up my audio exactly to what the timeline states. For example, have specific sentence in voice over starting at 13s, and timeline says correlating image "Start 13s". However once I export it, the image starts when media player timer says 12s. All the images are about half a second before the time stated on the timeline.


    I had been playing with the frames per second option when exporting my last video, would this affect the overall timing?


    Any suggestions?



  • I'm not sure, but try restarting videoscribe and rendering it again,  because sometimes that fixes problems with the timeline that occur due to excessive memory use.

    it might also be worth exporting to a different video format as a test.

    (keep in mind that videoscribe might be rounding up from 12.5 seconds to 13 seconds when previewing and you might still see 12 seconds in your video player for a half second longer before it changes to 13)

    If that does not help, save a copy of your work file online and tell support the name.

    related threads: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000038302

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike


    I just added a whole second pause at the start of the timeline and exported it again. The numbers on the time line still don't match the rendered version, but at least it lines up with my audio now.


    Rendering it as a different format didn't seem to help.


    Thanks for your help though.

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