How to save video as MP4

  • Is there away or will there be away (soon) to be able to save my video as an mp4?

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  • Hi Matt, thanks for your idea.

    We are currently looking at different rendering options for a future version.

    Currently there is no plans to implement it in the next version (2.1).

    A work around would be to use another tool to convert it to another format.

    We posted a Blog a little while ago with an number of helpful tools which are all Free

    One of these tools is a free video converter.

  • I use Freemake all the time to do this, one of the tools mentioned by Ffion.

    Works perfectly, always high-quality,

  • Download mpeg Streamclip and you can convert to most recognized formats in various qualities. It is free.


  • Handbrake works OK as well (also free); google it!

    We're on a PC (not Mac) and find the .mov export and then handbrake not only greatly reduces the file size, but also converts it .mp4.
  • You can give a try with AppGeeker converter (, used it a few times for audio and  for movies. Works great.

  • i use freemake
    but i can't find the function to convert .scribe to another type.
    can you help me please?


  • Save scribe as .mov, then convert to .mp4

  • but i can't save it as .mov
    may be because i'm in free trial.


  • (That is correct. Only paying users can render and save videos to their computers)
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • so, what should i do.?


  • If you want to save your scribe as an MOV or use any other features that are for PRO users, then you can:
    Go from free trial to VideoScribe Pro

    (your paid membership will automatically renew each month unless you cancel.)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • so is it possible to make my scribe file to a mp4 video? 

  • Hi,
    You cannot save n MP4 directly from videoscribe but several of the replies above describe how to convert an MOV to an MP4. If you need additional clarification, please describe your question more clearly.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • how to convert my scribe video to mp4 format?