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How to save video as MP4

Is there away or will there be away (soon) to be able to save my video as an mp4?

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 what should i do when in this condition?i try to free trial

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Has there been any progress on this in the last few months? Shouldn't VS be able to natively produce MP4 files..? This isn't some sort of obscure standard.

I need to import my VideoScribe project into another video program (Camtasia). I tried importing the project as a WMV, but Camtasia is telling me that the "required codecs are not found."

This leaves me to output the Scribe project as a MOV... but my work protocols won't let me DL Quicktime.

Camtasia prefers MP4 format. It's also a lot smaller and easier to transfer and work with... But I can't download a "free" WMV to MP4 converter on my work PC, either.

Am I not understanding something about VS and codecs, or is there some dumb thing I'm neglecting...?

To convert mov to mpeg, download mpeg streamclip at It's free.... You can get it for Mac or Windows.


According to the blog entry about version 2.3 beta. you will be able to upload to and download the video as an MP4

-Mike (videoscribe user)


How to convert format file .scribe to mp4/flv etc..? And how to export file sparkol videoscribe to video mp4 ?thx

David, you can't on a free trial. You can only upload to YouTube and Facebook. You need to have a Pro Account and then Quicktime MOV, AVI, or WMV video file, or as a PNG or JPG image sequence are available to you in the application and MP4 is available though uploading to

Eric, I had similar issue importing .wmv into Camtasia (but not Premiere Pro where it imported fine). I then rendered to .avi format and it imported into Camtasia without problem.
So, if i wanna convert VideoScribe file to mp4 i must be pro account? And when it just free trial, i just can upload my video to youtube and facebook, isn't it?

That's correct!

This feature was implemented by rendering scribes to in VideoScribe version 2.3.0.

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