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Voice Over with Back Track

I just wanted to say that I have gone through your core tutorials and they are great. Video Scribe is an amazing product.

I would like to have a background song going during my voice over. Obviously the background song would be lower in volume. 

How do I create this? Do I have to use some external solution like Audacious or does Video Scribe come with an track mixer solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Joshua, you can change the volume of the background music in VideoScribe. In the bottom right of the 'Browse music'  screen you will see a volume slider which will allow you to adjust the volume of the background music. 

Thank you Matthew that should do the trick as I can adjust that volume and the microphone volume to get the ideal mix.


What about in the case where I want to start with a louder music volume, then put it to a lower volume as my Voice Over comes in to the presentation???

Thanks in advance.

Hi Joshua,

In the case you have explained there is no mixing feature for VideoScribe.

I would suggest using your own MP3's and mixing them before importing into VideoScribe.

Ok, Thank you Matthew.

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